Our working fields

The main working fields at JCT - Consultores de Engenharia, Lda. are the engineering design of buildings and urban infrastructures, construction project management, built asset management and safety. The company has developed project design and provided engineering services in all of these working fields through the involvement of its human resources and by conducting occasional partnerships with other companies whenever necessary.

Engineering design > Buildings

Nowadays, building design requires the contribution of different areas of engineering design, with the aim of adequately respond to the growing demands on safety and comfort as imposed by customers and regulations. Therefore, building engineering design is presently a complex endeavour requiring considerable coordination between all engineering areas and within the whole design team. But it is also an opportunity to put integrated design solutions into practice in order to effectively correspond to stakeholders’ demand. The company has been developing building engineering design in the following areas:

  • Structures and foundations
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Thermal behaviour
  • Acoustic behaviour
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Renewable energies
  • Gas supply
  • Fire safety
  • Waste management
  • Construction and demolition waste
  • Mechanical installations
  • Electrical and telecommunications installations

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Engineering design > Urban Infrastructure

The design of urban infrastructures is generally complex because it involves working in poorly known environments with numerous public service facilities and installations. This requires a great coordination effort with the managing entities of these facilities and installations and between designers of various areas. Yet this is an exciting challenge while searching for the best possible solutions for the demanding design problems typically arising in this type of works. The company has developed infrastructure projects of the following areas:

  • Roads, pavements and road signs
  • Hydraulic system networks(water supply, landscape irrigation and drainage)
  • Electrical and telecommunication networks
  • Gas networks
  • Municipal solid waste
  • Construction and demolition waste

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Construction project management

The large number of design areas presently required for construction projects raises increasingly complex management problems. Therefore, project management has gained considerable importance, therefore generating the request for these services by the company’s clients, usually by extension of the design contracts.

Construction management is also essential for project success, taking into consideration the increasing complexity and variety of project participants, nowadays. The company has developed some activity in this area of work, especially on construction supervion for private clients. For larger projects however, requiring more extensive construction management teams, the company has opted for partnering.

Built Asset Management

Following a period of extensive real estate investments, asset management has gained an increasing relevance. Built assets have considerable value but need careful management in order to ensure their environmental and economical sustainable use.

Facility management is a current development area in the company. This follows from the vast experience of the company in the engineering design of new buildings and rehabilitation, and relies on the accumulated information on the life cycle costs of these projects.

However, the company has mainly acted in the analysis and valuation of real estate investments. Actually, current market conditions call for careful analysis of real estate investments, namely, real estate valuation, in view of the present and forecasted market environment, assessment of life-cycle costs and investment financial analysis. The analysis and valuation of real estate is a working area of increasing importance to the company which has staff certified and with considerable experience for supporting it.


In the fields of construction and built environment, safety has multiple senses, nowadays.

Fire and intrusion building design is one of these senses, and is therefore a building area in which the company has been commonly engaged.

The legal requirement for implementing building fire protection measures in Portugal follows the publication of fire regulations. Accordingly, the company has developed the above measures for a substantial number of buildings of various utilizations.

Health and safety supervision has a design component that has been progressively associated to project design and that the company staff has regularly exercised.

Health and safety supervision on site has been progressively comprised in construction management and construction supervision activities. The company has performed this work, especially in the context of project management, but also during the construction phase, integrating construction supervision teams on behalf of the client.

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