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According to the national regulations, DL220/2008, November 12, all buildings/facilities, including the existing ones, are required to implement self-protection measures (according to article n. 22 of DL220/2008, November 12), excluding residential buildings common parts of 1st and 2nd risk categories, for which no specific measures are required. Self-protection measures:

  • Are organizational and safety management procedures of premises and aim at preventing the risks of fire, the maintenance of safety conditions and implementation of measures during emergency situations.
  • Ensure that fire safety equipment and systems are suitable to be continuously and properly operated, and when in an emergency situation, the occupants safely exit the building.

  • Include preventive measures, intervention measures in fire occurrences, safety registers, fire safety training procedures and fire drills:

    • Preventive Measures: Prevention procedures and prevention plans.
    • Intervention measures in fire occurrences: Emergency procedures or internal emergency plan.

    • Safety records: Set of documents containing survey or inspection reports and inventory of all maintenance and occurrence actions, directly or indirectly related to Building Fire Safety (BFS).

    • Fire safety training: Actions planned to all employees and business partners from the operating entities, or specific training actions directed to people dealing with higher risk fire or integrating safety management teams.

    • Fire drill (simulacrum): Training exercises for assessing the emergency plan of the building or facility.

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